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Pride goeth before the fall...

yet we climb up again.

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Name:Dr. Otto Octavius
Location:New York, United States of America
Otto Octavius was once a brilliant, respected scientist. He had it all; a beautiful, loving wife, the funding of Oscorp for the project of his dreams, and an audience in the scientific world. Not too shabby, for a man who dredged himself from a friendless childhood with an abusive father and overbearing mother. His work in energy research was unparalleled, and the unveiling of his new project, to be operated with robotic arms created specifically for this work, was to be a crowning triumph.
Until it blew up in his face. He woke in a hospital, metal arms fused to his spine and their artificial intelligence drowning out his own thoughts, blood and dead bodies all around. When he later discovered his wife had been killed in the accident, he couldn't even pull his thoughts together enough to properly mourn her. There was, the actuator arms whispered relentlessly, the project to rebuild...

At the last minute, Spider-man convinced him to stop his creation before it destroyed the city. Otto Octavius overruled the combined AIs in the arms, to drown his dangerous project in the Hudson river. He expected to drown, too. His last thought was of his wife Rosie, and the hope he would at last see her again.

When he woke, much later, far up the riverbank with water and blood in his lungs and new burn scars across his chest, it was almost more than his already damaged mind could take.

The actuator arms whisper still, but Doc Ock has learned to live in synchronicity with that. His mind is not what it was; no less brilliant, but considerably more fractured. He's pulled himself up from the bottom before, and now he intends to do it again.

This journal is made for RP purposes only, no profit is being made and the mun claims no association with Marvel, yaddayadda, although I suspect Alfred Molina would be amused to know about it.
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